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How to file a Claim:

The best way is to Let the Provider file the claim. This is the easiest and best way to receive benefits. Most providers will file the claims because the benefits are paid to the provider. Guidelines and claims assistance phone number are printed on the cardholder. Call our claims assistance number if needed.

Please make sure you give the provider your Premium Saver insurance card when you give them your major medical card. MorganWhite Administrators, Inc. (MWA, Inc.) will send insurance cardholders for each employee. Please put your Major Medical and Premium Saver insurance cards in the cardholder and present the cardholder to the provider. Providers ask for proof of secondary insurance, the Premium Saver is your secondary insurance.

If the insured chooses to file their Premium Saver claim, no claim form is required. Just follow these steps:

  1. The insured's claim is filed against their major medical carrier.
  2. The insured's major medical company will provide the insured with an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) when they make payment to the provider. The EOB describes the procedures covered, facility used, benefit paid and the amount applied to the insured's deductible, co-insurance or co-pays.
  3. The insured should ask their doctor and/or hospital to provide them with a statement that includes the provider's name, address, and tax I.D. number.
  4. The insured will then send the EOB and the provider statement to MorganWhite Administrators, Inc.
Claims Payment:

The Premium Saver Plan pays the benefits directly to the provider. Paying the provider directly saves the insured time and it is the quickest way to get payment to the providers.

If the insured sends documentation showing they have paid the provider along with the EOB and the provider statement, we will pay the benefit to the insured.

Claims info can be sent to Morgan White Administrators, Inc. (MWA, Inc.) via:
Electronic Claims Submissions: I-Plexus Payer ID# Emdeon Payer ID#
AmFirst Insurance Company 01757 64090

Claim Submissions by Mail:
Morgan White Administrators, Inc.
Claims Department
P.O. Box 16708
Jackson, MS 39236

Claims Assistance: (888) 888-2519
Customer Service: (888) 859-3795