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Supplemental Products

Over the last ten years AmFirst has developed a large presence in the supplemental market throughout the Southeast United States. With products ranging from individual dental policies to group gap products, AmFirst's product line continues to grow at an outstanding pace.

AmFirst began its line of supplemental products with dental and vision plans in 1999. Several years after dental and vision began to take off, AmFirst engineered a product called the Premium Saver. The Premium Saver is a unique product that has continued to grow at an average rate of over 29% per year and is now the flagship product of the company.

The Company's Supplemental products are marketed through Morgan White Group , a company voted one of the top 10 most dependable insurance agencies in the United States. MWG has over 20 years experience in the insurance industry and continues to expand its operations year after year. AmFirst has been very pleased with MWG's operations and ability to market their supplemental products. For more information on AmFirst products marketed through MWG please visit the MWG products page .

Dental Plans

AmFirst offers both group and individual dental insurance. The dental market has continued to expand over the last 10 years and we believe the demand for dental insurance will continue to expand. Morgan White Group is the marketing arm for AmFirst dental products.

Medical Gap Products

AmFirst entered the Gap Plan market in 2003 and has seen this segment expand greater than any other market in which the company participates.

The Premium Saver Plan

 The AmFirst Premium Saver Plan was designed for groups that want to reduce the cost of medical coverage. For additional information on this plan, please visit the Premium Saver Website .

E&O Coverage

On April 24, 2012, AmFirst Insurance Company and its wholly owned subsidiary, Monitor Life Insurance Company of New York were both upgraded to "B++" (Good) Rating by A.M. Best.

Some E&O Insurers will not cover an agent for Insolvency if your carrier is less than "A-" (Excellent) Rated by A.M. Best. We've solved that problem.

For every policy sold by appointed agents, brokers, or agencies of AmFirst Insurance Company or Monitor Life Insurance Company of New York, we are providing supplemental E&O coverage at no cost for business written with an effective date of May 1, 2012 and after. This coverage is underwritten by Indian Harbor Insurance Company. Indian Harbor is rated "A" Excellent by A.M. Best and the policy covers Insolvency for carriers that are rated B+ or better like we are.

Oh, and did we mention the coverage is FREE? Below are additional benefits.

  • Coverage for Insolvency for B+ or Better
  • Supplements your existing E&O Policy
  • Covers Appointed Agents, Brokers and Agencies
  • Coverage on Every AmFirst Insurance or Monitor Life sale
  • $1 million per case, $2 million aggregate
  • Insured by Indian Harbor Insurance Company (Best Rated "A"), a part of the XL family of insurance companies